Summer is ending…what to do?

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Summer is coming to an end.   As we bid our final farewell to summer, and embrace fall, we need to be ready for what the next upcoming look will be.   All of the bright, vivid colors that have been and continue to be so hot are getting even more interesting with the combination and techniques of colors. To keep your vivids bright and bold, there are a few rules to follow. This would go along with any pigmentation or direct dye product.

1) Wash hair as little as possible, each wash will wash away a little bit of color.
You want the vivid to last for up to 12 washes.
2) When possible, rinse hair rather than shampoo with COLD water. This will keep ‘ your vivd locked in and help it to last longer.
3) When you do shampoo, use only a color formulated or non sulfate shampoo.
We recommend Minu shampoo and conditioner by Davines for blonde, and highlighted hair, and Nounou shampoo and conditioner for brunettes     and        darker, bolder vivids.

4) Try to keep hair out of natural elements, such as sun, salt water, chlorine.   All of these can strip you color or fade it much more quickly, and chlorine can   even add unwanted tones of green to blonde or highly porous hair

For those of you who have been wearing vivids and want to let them fade into pastel tones, these can be achieved through  direct dye or as your vivids fade.  Pastel colors are always fashionable, and can be achieved with our pastel tone family of pinks, lavenders, aquas, and platinum or light smokey colors.


Going into darker colors this fall with chocolates, caramels, chestnuts, mahogany, rich auburns and coffee colors.  In order to ensure the the longevity and integrity of the hair prior to any color we recommend deep conditioning treatments and a great haircut of course.  One of the conditioning treatments that we offer regularly and that is beneficial to circulation from the scalp, which acts as a platform for healthy hair regrowth is the herb found in this treatment Gotu Kola.  Very famous for strengthening hair follicles, nourishing scalp, and preventing hair loss while stimulating new, healthy growth.

We also offer the GK keratin treatment for strong, healthy, shiny, glossy, more manageable hair.  If  hair texture is a problem for you, and you are tired of the constant blow drying, flat ironing, and trying to control your hair, keratin treatment is your answer!

These are the exciting changes coming and to to look forward to!  We look forward to improving your hair, your mood, and the way you feel here at BBmeme!  Please schedule an appointment with us today and check out all of the great services that we have to offer.


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