Things are changing at B:bmeme Hair Salon

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Model : Nicole Steen

MUAH : Francesca Andrea

Photograph : Koji Kuninaga

 First off, I’d like to say that part of what makes a salon great, is not just exceptional stylists, but the energy which flows throughout the salon itself.  I would like to introduce myself, Francesca Aranda as one of the latest editions to the b:bmeme family.  Throughout my 30 years of hair experience I stumbled upon a stylist Koji Kuninaga that had similar passions, visions and dreams.  We felt that together we could create the superior service, warm, friendly, exciting atmosphere, and feeling of well being to offer to our clientele.  Within first week of working with Koji, we immediately became engrossed and absorbed in the world of photography with our lovely clients that so willingly allowed us to painstakingly apply makeup, curl, straighten, redo their hair, and put them through an entire barrage of posing, and giving us that “look” that we wanted to capture on camera.   Since then, Koji has been incorporating his own photography, by adding his own black and white backdrops, lighting, and the whole set up to do shoots here in the salon in San Diego.  After working on clients all day, we love to get the clients to come in and use their “if you got it, flaunt it” attitude.  We are bringing hair to a whole new level.   You can see what we have been up to each time that I post a blog.  Some days may be mundane, but there is always a funny, entertaining, or interesting/useful story that comes from each day.  I encourage you to read on, check in frequently, and hear about the events and the blessings that we experience in each and every day.  Just the mere experience of finding one another to create a salon as astonishing as this one is something only talent and Our creator could orchestrate.  I am pleased, and proud to announce that I am a part of the whole new b:bmeme experience!  Join us!

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    I will have my latest photos of hair up and posted as soon as possible!

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