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By Posted in - BB Meme News on January 6th, 2018 0 Comments

I see the trends as they are in the movies, fashion magazines, and what the direction has been moving towards from late 2017 moving into 2018. The bob is back. A timeless haircut such as this will never go away. The lines are edgier, the trend leads towards shorter chin length or above lengths. The problem with the bob, is when an excellent bob is cut, there is no need for another haircut for months if not years. This means we miss you, because we do not see you as much! The differences we will be seeing in bobs this year will be less of the smooth lines. More layers, fewer A-lines, definitely square triangular shapes are coming into style. Color makes a huge come back when it comes to the bob, because it will make a straight bob reflect light, color and shine. A highlighted bob will give it movement, and show the definition and contrast in the hair. Either way the bob is the most popular haircut of all time, and it is only getting better as it comes back around again!

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