What’s happening at BBmeme today


The latest happenings in the East Village and within salon are starting to change rapidly.  With the summer heat, short, sassy cuts have been much more appealing to even the most conservative clients.  Fun colors, pastels, cotton candy, and the things that remind us of carnivals, fairs, and summer fun are hot items right now.  We are preparing ourselves for the new and upcoming changes that will be coming this fall.  Shorter hair, richer, deeper colors with more vibrancy and shine are the ultimate Fall change we are encouraging.  Trends come and go, therefore we are always recreating something old into something new and fresh again.  Sometimes something as simple as cutting bangs or incorporating a slightly different hue to your color is all it takes to make one feel fresh, chic, and fashion forward.

Along with all the excitement in change with the cut and color world, we are doing much more photography and makeup than ever before.  Our passion and vision for glamour is being expressed in Koji’s photography skills more than ever before.  With the different backdrops, and ability to do our photography here in the salon, it stirs up his passion even more.    He works diligently on this when he is not doing hair.   I don’t think the brain ever shuts itself off with this creative muscle.  Constant effort at improving, evolving, making things better are what we strive for.  So much has been learned about lighting, shading, texture, shadows, and even emotions that can be conveyed in a photo.  Technology is higher with online services and ability to customize appointments.  This is no ordinary salon, the innovative ideas that Koji constantly comes up with keeps the energy in the salon  upbeat and fun.  Different personalities every day can make this entertaining.  Some people are curious, and want to know what he is up to each day.  Since the spectrum of talents are so vast, this could change on any given day to singing, or playing an instrument.  I suppose the arts are on of those categories that this salon falls into.  The artistry is what makes this salon significantly different.  There are no fancy signs, lights or showcasing on the salon itself, it is quite simple.  The years of different personalities, cultures, talents, even weaknesses, are what makes this salon what it is becoming.  Loyalty of clients encourage us to all reach farther, to encompass the need for change and more positivity.  I don’t see anything slowing down in the future, it’s just picking up speed.  We are embarking on a venture to create a salon/photography studio that keeps the loyal customers coming back, and creates new, exciting fresh things for new people as well.  This is the place to be right now.  Life is good at BBmeme!