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Koji was born in Hiroshima, Japan. As a teenager, Koji dreamed about coming to the United States. After graduating from high school, he decided to attend cosmetology school instead of college. With a clear goal in mind, he worked part time at a Wendy’s that was located on a U.S. military base near his house so that he could improve his English. Shortly after, he started his career as a cosmetologist at a well known salon in Hiroshima by the name of CAN. After winning a regional hair wrapping competition, he had a chance to participate at the national competition. Although he did not win the national competition, the loss only fueled his desire to improve and become better.

Five years later, Koji became a stylist. This was followed by countless hours of meticulous practice (often after the salon closed for the day), intense training, and dozens of seminars, which included Sassoon workshops inspired by structural hair cutting methods. As Koji’s dedication and passion for his work as a hair stylist continued to grow, he was promoted to manager in 2000 at one of the four branches of the CAN salon in Hiroshima Japan. While developing his professional career, Koji also cultivated his curiosity about his own Japanese culture by learning the traditional art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

One of Koji’s dreams became reality when he moved to San Diego, CA in 2005. A year later, as his conversational English was improving, he obtained his CA cosmetology license on his first attempt. Later that year, he started working for Dearinger Hair Salon in downtown San Diego. While employed at Dearinger, he attended several Sassoon Academy training sessions and various other workshops. He achieved a top product sales award in 2010, and persisted to diligently sharpen his skills and knowledge as a top stylist.

On March 1, 2013, Koji opened his own salon, and named it B:B Meme. He continues to strive for excellence in his work and provides his clients with the best customer service. Koji is also an avid photographer, loves music and the arts. He also enjoys history, martial arts and traveling.

As a beautician, Koji’s curiosity and desire to learn continues to expand. He takes classes at the Sassoon Academy and at Elevation H. Koji has recently completed additional education in color classes by Wella in Los Angeles. He expressed the excitement he feels as he discovers new color formulas and techniques. Koji is stepping up his basic color concepts to artistic designs and is now creating dimensional illusions which are usually only used by expert colorists. He is highly trained in the scientific reasoning behind why hair is affected by certain chemicals, and strives to promote the benefits of using non ammonia organic color products. Koji believes that, as he continues to build his expertise in hair color, he is also very concerned about maintaining the health and shine of his client’s hair.



Francesca is a native San Diegan who knew she wanted to enter the creative world of hair, makeup, and fashion at a very young age. She practiced her skills on everything from Barbie dolls, her own hair, family and eventually friends.

It was no surprise during High School she made the decision to pursue her Cosmetology education immediately upon graduating, obtaining her license in 1986.
Immediately upon obtaining her license, she began working in a very busy Mission Valley salon.

She quickly built onto her color skills through weekly education provided by salon. She quickly moved up to management position within the first year of employment. Years of work with makeup, hair, and photoshoots with her work partner became her passion.

In 1990 she attended Gerard’s International Advance Haircutting Center of San Francisco which was inducted into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame in 1998.

In 1992 Francesca opened her own salon on Bankers Hill where she remained until she decided to marry, travel, and begin a family.
She then began to work in Hillcrest attending academic training with Paul Mitchell working with extensions and advanced color techniques.

In 2014, Francesca decided to focus on clients with special needs and went completely mobile, traveling to clients to service their needs. This also gave her the time to focus on her family while keeping her skills sharp until her children were old enough for her to return to hair full time.

In June of 2017 Francesca decided to join on with Koji at b:b Meme to continue with the
exceptional service she provides and to continue working with photography and photo shoots with hair models.

Francesca recently became an ambassador with Difiaba Italian color line based on color knowledge and is currently going through training as color educator for San Diego county and anticipating travel abroad to continue her educator career. This methodical training throughout her 30+ years as a stylist and color specialist has led to where she feels she can help others in this field tremendously.